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Welcome to Purple Team 8th Grade English Language Arts!

The goal in the English Language Arts classroom is to learn reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills designed to prepare students for success in high school, college, career, and life.  We read literature and informational texts that challenge students with questions that push them to refer back to the text.  We stress critical-thinking and problem-solving skills that are essential to success.

Students use Google Classroom and the suite of Google programs to enhance learning.  Students are asked to read throughout the year and are asked to show reading comprehension through AR tests.   

2016-2017 English Language Arts Schedule (subject to change)

Start Date

End Date

Unit Title


August 22

October 13

Tears of a Tiger

All students will do a dialogue project: act out/record a scene, rewrite a scene in in today’s language, or other preapproved project.  

All students will compose an informative/explanatory essay based on Gerald's Essay (Three things I'd get rid of...).

October 17

November 22

Poetry in Real Life

Students will use The Mysteries of Harris Burdick pictures to compose an original poem. Poems will be posted on the class website for viewing by peers, faculty, and parents.

October 31

November 3

Edgar Allan Poe

Students will read and analyze several works by Edgar Allan Poe.  Students will take AR tests.

November 28

December 20

Flowers for Algernon

Students will compose a compare/contrast essay after reading Flowers for Algernon and viewing Charly.

January 5

March 8

Literature Circles

Students will compose an argumentative essay.  Students will make their own book trailer after finishing their novel.

March 13

May 2

Walk Two Moons

Students will create a Road Trip Presentation based on the road trip that the characters take in the novel.  

Students will compose an essay that answers the following question:  Who should be the 5th face on Mount Rushmore?

May 3

May 18

The Orphan Trains

Students will work in groups to compose a Google Presentation of an assigned chapter. Students will present the chapter presentation to the class. After all presentations, the entire class will take an AR test.